your name high live lyrics (by hillsong worship)

Lyrics for: your name high live by hillsong worshipYour innocence forsaken Upon that cross You gave Yourself for us Carried into Your freedom Our broken past replaced in A second chance The chains have come undone d**h defied in the Fathers love We are living to make Your name high, Jesus Living to make YourContinue reading “your name high live lyrics (by hillsong worship)”

crazy rap (colt 45) chords (by afroman)

Found at: crazy rap (colt 45) chords by afroman (5) A C Colt 45 and two zig zags D E Baby that’s all we need… (repeat chord progression) as the marijuana burn we can take our turn singin’ them dirty rap songs stop and hit the bong like cheech and chong and sell tapes fromContinue reading “crazy rap (colt 45) chords (by afroman)”

do you realize scott hardkiss floating in space vocal mix lyrics (by the flaming lips)

Lyrics for: do you realize scott hardkiss floating in space vocal mix by the flaming lips1, 2, 3, 4 Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face? Do you realize we’re floating in space? Do you realize that happiness makes you cry? Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die? AndContinue reading “do you realize scott hardkiss floating in space vocal mix lyrics (by the flaming lips)”

what could have been love chords (by aerosmith)

Found at: what could have been love chords by aerosmith D: 000232 G: 320033 Bm: 020202 A: 002220 E: 022100 G#: 466544 F#m: 244222 B: 799877 A*: 577655 Verse: D I wake up and wonder G Bm how everything went wrong A G Am I the one to blame D I gave up and leftContinue reading “what could have been love chords (by aerosmith)”

silences harmonieux lyrics (by le seize)

Lyrics for: silences harmonieux by le seize[Couplet] Je suis rarement à cours de rime Mais je trouve les mots si beaux Je les économise trop pour ce titre Le silence est d’or, au prix de l’eau C’est vrai j’aime m’acharner à rappeller mon blaze Mais je préfère que la foule le crie A quoi sertContinue reading “silences harmonieux lyrics (by le seize)”

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