reckless chords (by alabama)

Found at: reckless chords by alabama(N.C.)Let’s roll the windows down, turn the radio up let the (E)wind blow through our (B)hair Love is (A/B)reckless (B)let’s get reckless tonight (E) (A/B) (C#m7) (Bsus4)-(B) Verse 1: There ain’t (E)nothin’ out here but a (A/B)big ol’ Texas sky(E) There’s a red sun painted across(A(add B)) the coming (B)nightContinue reading “reckless chords (by alabama)”

summertime lyrics (by sarah brightman)

Lyrics for: summertime by sarah brightmanSummertime an’ the livin’ is easy Fish are jumpin’ an’ the cotton is high Oh, yo’ daddy’s rich an’ yo’ ma is good lookin’ So hush, little baby, don’ you cry One of these mornin’s you goin’ to rise up singin’ Then you’ll spread yo’ wings an’ you’ll take theContinue reading “summertime lyrics (by sarah brightman)”

caminar lyrics (by intocable)

Lyrics for: caminar by intocableComprendeme mujer, tuyo es mi corazón Caminar, caminar, caminar hacia tu lado Es difícil poniéndome a pensar Comprendiendo que es toda mi ilusión Alcanzar a tocar tu corazón Caminar, caminar, caminar ya junto a ti Es un sueño que cargo en mi existir Pero puede que se haga realidad Y andaremosContinue reading “caminar lyrics (by intocable)”

water babies lyrics (by duran duran)

Lyrics for: water babies by duran duran(lebon, rhodes, taylor, cuccurllo, campbell) Guess you know, where i wanna go Got to see the water flow, try to understand Got me trapped, playing with me like a cat Scrape your fingers down my back, pin me to the ground All along the water baby Take me toContinue reading “water babies lyrics (by duran duran)”

sunday morning lyrics (by borgore)

Lyrics for: sunday morning by borgoreSummertime And the living is easy Fish are jumpin And the cotton is high Your daddy’s rich And Your ma is good looking So hush little baby Don’t you cry One of these mornings You’re gonna rise up singing Spread your wings And you’ll take to the sky But tilContinue reading “sunday morning lyrics (by borgore)”

broadway hotel chords (by al stewart)

Found at: broadway hotel chords by al stewart Artist – Al Stewart ********************* Song – Broadway Hotel *********************** Album – Year Of The Cat ************************* ********************** VERSE 1 ******** F#m D F#m D You told the man in the Broadway Hotel E D C#m D Nothing was stranger than being yourself F#m D F#m DContinue reading “broadway hotel chords (by al stewart)”

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