soul kitchen lyrics (by o c)

Lyrics for: soul kitchen by o cHere’s a toast
[Verse 1: O.C.]
Monday nights at Soul Kitchen
She get a beer
Listening to rare jams
Like this one
Vodka and crans flowing
Weed blowing
Nobody’s pushing out
It’s blessed to be alive
Me and mines
(Let Me)
Cool out now
Too loud
Pull out making ya move round
Pull circles off the haze cloud
No pressure, vibe is right
We decide to do it the way we want
Its ours now
(Let me)
[Verse 2]
Good vibe is all
Prize, positive times
Made for those who make it home
And theres no time to waste
Breaking all the rules
The j**els protect it
Its not permitted for fools now
Now let it do what it do
Its organic fresh to d**h
Composed by Ray West
(Let me)
[Hook x2]
[Verse 3]
Unaware of time
Living on cloud nine
Rosay for grown folk
Keep it adult
The evening result
Peaceful thing the scene
Soothing my whole frame
Like a canopy on a beach
With white sands, and fly sunsets
With palm trees
Flashbacks on Aruba
Me and my puba
Six days and seven nights
Of bliss, sh**s, and cool outs
Cla**ics spinning
Flashing, grinning
Having a ball
The place to be
Is down at the Soul Kitchen
C’mon down
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